As manufacturers of single use products, the Tissue Sector is committed to promoting sustainable development through its business activities and this includes the use of different fibre raw materials. The tissue industry makes a range of different products for different hygiene applications. The decision of a manufacturer to use recovered or new fibres depends upon a number of factors. These include amongst others availability, end use, technology, and customer demands.

  • When using new fibres the Tissue Sector is committed to use cellulose wood pulps which are derived from sustainably and legally managed forests. These forests ensure the long term health of the forest, capture carbon dioxide and mitigate climate change
  • In the case of recovered papers used as raw materials, ETS is a member of the European Recovered Paper Council which is committed to increase the recovery of paper within Europe. The European Recovered Paper Council (ERPC) is committed to meet a voluntary recycling rate target of 72% in the European Union plus Switzerland and Norway by 2015, which is a higher rate than in any other region in the world.

Read the complete ETS Position Paper on this subject at this link:  Position Paper on the use of New and Recovered Fibre Types 

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