On this page we will address a number of topics which may be relevant for the Press, from Tissue Products Sustainability, to Scientific Studies, to the Consensus Statement reached by a group of Scientists about Hygienic Hand Drying.


Sustainability is an integral part of the paper tissue value chain
It is this industry’s continued ambition to drive sustainable hygiene and human health
Industry veteran Roberto Berardi of the European Tissue Symposium explains how the sector
is taking steps to stay ahead of the curve in meeting the challenges of sustainability.

You can read and download his interview about sustainability in the following languages:

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If you’re looking for Press Releases issued by ETS, in particular about the Scientific Studies about Hand Hygiene, sponsored by ETS, please read and download them at following page:  Press releases

The European Tissue Symposium hosted scientific panel sessions on hygienic hand drying attended by eminent microbiologists and hospital hygienists from across Europe at the Catholic University of Leuven on 20 March 2013, on 11 June 2014 and on 14 April 2015. 
The Consensus Statement concluded upon by these Six Scientists, can be consulted here: Consensus Statement

A complete overview of all Studies dedicated to the research of proper Hand Hygiene, can be viewed on  this page.

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