The jury session of the 3rd Edition of the ETS Contest -“Hygiene: the washroom challenge”- was held on Wednesday 29 May, at h. 11:00 CET and the results of the consultation was the following :

Academy Section International Section

1st Prize
Irene Coletto

Washroom Dance 1 2 3 4

1st Prize
Johannes Siemensmayer
Vacuum cleaner/lilies GERMANY

Special ETS Prize Special ETS Prize

Special ETS Prize
Elisa Canaglia
Paper wins

Special ETS Prize
Irene Penazzi
Our future in our hands
Special ETS Prize  

Special ETS Prize
Shila Barzagli
Pick up a flower 1 – 2 – 3 – 4

Video Section  Video Section  Video Section
1st Prize
Renato Buono
Gabriele Marchina
Elena Quarta

Paper = Hygiene
Special ETS Prize
Marco Bergamini
Giuseppe Conti
Emanuela Drei
Stefano Renzetti
Tommaso Gonzales
Davide Zomer

Paper is better
Special ETS Prize
Davide Mastrangelo
Simple Choice

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II  am  sitting  in  the  waiting  room  of  a  hospital  and  waiting  to  be  called  for  my  appointment.   I  look  around  and  try  to  touch  as  few  things  as  possible;   the  door  handles,   the chair,   the  window.   I  am  aware  of  all  the  people  coming  and  going  each  with  their  own  problems  and  bacteria.   The  public  washroom  is  even  more  used  than  the  waiting  room.   I  suddenly  become  aware  that  I  am  more  concerned  about  hygiene  as  I  am  in  a  hospital.   The  same  wouldn’t  happen  if  I  was  in  an  airport,   a  train  station  or  in  a  bar.   This  makes little  sense  as  the  hygiene  risks  are  comparable  if  not  greater  than  in  a  hospital.   Hospitals  take  greater  care  of  the  hygiene  risks  than  in  other  public  places.
In  spite  of  the  many  scientific  studies  which  show  air  dryers  contribute  to  the  spread  of  airborne  bacteria  many  public  washrooms   are  still  equipped  with  different  types  of  air driers  instead  of  paper  towels.   It  is  a  well-known  fact  that  paper  towels  drastically  reduce  the  amount  of  bacteria  in  circulation  and  therefore  ensure  greater  personal  hygiene and  help  minimise  the  risks  in  a  public  spaces.
It  is  impor tant  to  raise  the  awareness  of  this  issue  through  art.   Thanks  to  this  competition  we  have  been  able  to  raise  awareness  to  the  young  people  involved  and  also  to  the public  at  large.

Letizia  Rostagno

*thank  you  to  Sara  and  Phil  Mogel


29 May – 15 June 2013 at Fine Arts Academy in Bologna (Italy)

26 – 28 June at Palazzo Bernardini in Lucca (Italy)


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