The jury session of the 4th Edition of the ETS Contest -“HANDS, WASH’EM WITH SOAP, DRY’EM WITH PAPER”- was held on Wednesday July 15th, 2014, at 10:00 CET concluded as follows :

Academy Section International Section 
Elisa-Canaglia-winner1                Rahim - Intern Winner

1st Prize
Elisa Canaglia
Our Future

1st Prize
Nima Biyarash
Soap – Paper

Special ETS Prize  


Special ETS Prize
Erica Dalle Luche
Just relax with tissue

 martinatonello - p1 web




Special ETS Prize
Martina Tonello
Pirati Insaponati / Soapy pirates

Chiara Martinelli n 4

Special ETS Prize
Chiara Martinelli
Orsetto Lavatore / Raccoon

“… it’s not that long ago that the concept of disinfection and asepsis is essential in the medical field ( Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis by the half of 1800 was the first to grasp the importance of washing hands before visiting pregnant women) – and thus still a long road remains to be pursued. ETS is, through this competition and the contribution of the participating artists, a small but worthwhile step forward. “
This is how it sounded the closing of my introduction to the 2nd edition of the ETS Cartoon Contest in 2012.

Much has happened in between. New studies on hygiene have been promoted by ETS, have been peer reviewed and will soon be presented to the public.
Two more Editions of the Contest took place, more young artists have come to know hygiene issues highlighted by ETS.
The “small but worthwhile step forward” seems to have been somehow effective and young artists seem to be more and more aware of the importance of hygiene and how to achieve it.

Their words are more enlightening than anything I could write.

“My intention is to illustrate the usefulness of the Global Handwashing Day as a mass event and to spot the fact that a right handwashing , through the use of soap and the appropriate gestures, can help stop the spreading of bacteria. The use of paper for drying hands as last action, ensures total hygiene “
Nicola Manuto

“Nobody uses air dryers anymore because they are less hygienic. I therefore imagined this army of germs, living in an air dryer and no longer serving a purpose for they can’t ’t infect nobody anymore.”
Linda Pellicanò

I wanted to highlight the simple differences between a good handwashing and a wrong one. That’s why I “put on stage” three characters: the dirty guy, the one who thinks that using the air is the right thing to do, and the one who knows how to wash and dry hands properly.

Irene Coletto

“I wanted to describe the peaceful feeling deriving from the chance of using paper to dry your hands after washing them with soap.”

Erica Dalle Luche

Washing hands is important. It is an habit that everyone should have. Therefore the main character of my illustration is a raccoon. …. Despite the fact that it is an animal, it washes carefully its own paws, taking care of hygiene.

Chiara Martinelli

“Hygiene is very important, especially when you are in public places. First of all we should teach a few simple rules to our children to keep them safe from germs and infections: WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN WITH SOAP AND DRY THEM WITH PAPER. Good teaching can raise awareness about environmental issues.”

Elisa Canaglia

“Washing hands can be a funny game for children, who learn this way and with the help of soap, how to defeat the pirates germs and put them in the prison of paper towels.”

Martina Tonello

Awareness of the artists is a very important result. Art is a leading thought, a “life-coach”, influencing the lives of everybody and not just those of the artists themselves.
That’s why this small step makes us happy and I think there couldn’t be any better way to celebrate the Global Handwashing Day than this.

15.10.2014                                                                                                                             Letizia Rostagno 

Academy Section

1 Eliana Albertini – “The hungry hand”
2/3 Enrico Orlandi – “Surprise Hand Washing” 
4/5 Fabio Morga – “The choice”
6/7/8 Irene Coletto – “Smple Differences” 
9/10/11/12/13 Linda Pellicanò – “Missed Target” 
14/15/16 Nicola Manuto – “Flash Mob 15.10.2914” 
17 Valeria Viero – “All you need is in your hands”

International Section

1 Ester Laurigson (ESTONIA) – “Everybody can do”
2 Valluri Krishna Kishore (INDIA) – “Germ Protector”
3 Omer Can (TURKEY) – “Hand1”
4 Wesam Khalil (EGYPT) – “One direction”
5 Vladimir Kazanevsky (UKRAINE) – “ Soap Paper”
6 Stefaan Provijn (BELGIUM) – “Untitled”
7 Manoj Chopra (INDIA) – “Hands”
8 Yalda Hasheminezhad (IRAN) – “Untitled”