Since several decennia already, tissue products no longer can be considered commodity products.

Tissue products are constantly at the edge of new technologies and innovation.
Two drivers are responsible: the industry’s strong commitment to sustainable production, and a continuous search to add value for the consumer.


Testimonials on

• Toilet Tissue

Several premium products have been welcomed by the consumers: ‘thick, soft & strong’ toilet paper, moist tissues, impregnated tissues, 3-ply rolls, never-ending rolls, coloured toilet paper … to name only some. [Read more]

• Hankies and facials

A broad range of varieties of packed handkerchiefs and boxed facials reach out from the shelves to the consumer. Pocket handkerchiefs are very personal products and are often seen as an accessory, but they also have very crucial hygiene uses. The industry offers a very wide range of hankies and facials that appeal for both functional and emotional reasons. [Read more]

• Towels & Napkins

Innovative TAD-technology has brought softer paper towels with exceptional absorbency. The former ‘kitchen towels’ have thus evolved into ‘household towels’ as the uses for tissue towels expand into the area of crafts, hobbies, painting and cleaning in general. Embossed paper napkins have generated substantial market growth. [Read more]