ETS attendance at ICPIC 2015

ICPIC is a major International Conference for Prevention and Infection Control, a Worldwide event, promoted by the World Health Organization.

ETS sponsored the ICPIC 2015 Congress in Geneva, this included the opportunity to present in a specific Symposium during the Congress (about 800 delegates attended the Congress):

ETS prepared and distributed a folder to the delegates, which included:

  •  University ofWestminster study visual
  •  A3 pamphlet on hand hygiene
  •  A4 infographic on the 2015 University of Leeds study
  •  Journal of Hospital Infection – University of Westminster study
  •  Journal of Hospital Infection – University of Leeds study
  •  News release University of Westminster study
  •  News release University of Leeds study




The ETS Presentations took place at the start of the ICPIC 2015 Congress.

  • Over 60 delegates attended the Symposium organized by ETS.  All the delegates showed a good knowledge of the topic and asked pertinent questions


  • It is worth noting that the delegates were qualified to a high level and included Hospital Directors, Directors of Hospital Infections Control Department, etc.


The about 800 attendants were from Europe, US, Australia and also a very high number of developing countries. This means that the awareness of the ETS studies is being spread well beyond Europe.

The excellent media coverage results and the link to each single publication can be seen at the page Tissue in the Media 2015.