These are the main projects currently supported and run within the Product Stewardship Committee for ETS.
  • Product Safety regulatory changes that can impact the tissue Industry
    (for example chemical legislation, such as Reach, Bisphenol A, Mineral Oils, etc.)
  • Food Contact legislation
  • Biocidal Products directive
  • Environment and Sustainability Management (Environmental regulatory changes
    that can impact the Tissue Industry, e.g. the Small/Medium Combustion Plants Directive, etc)
  • European Sustainable Consumption and Production policies (es. Green Pubic Procurement (GPP) Directive, EU Ecolabelees, etc.
  • New / updated technical standards for tissue (e.g. EU Product Environmental Footprint (PEF), tissue dye bleeding, flushability etc)
  • Environmental Communication and claims (like National Environmental labels, etc)
  • Forest & Fibre Issues (like Forestry Certification)