Away from Home Tissue products offer solutions for many different Business areas:


Specific AFH product offerings are available for Bedrooms, Public Washrooms, Kitchen, Restaurants, etc.


The importance of hygiene and productivity cannot be underestimated. Solutions are offered fo Office Areas, Toilets and Washrooms, etc.

Food processing / Food Service

In a food processing environment, hygiene and health and safety are prime concerns. Tissue AFH products provide irreplaceable help for Production Equipment Cleaning, Employee Safety and Protection, etc.

Manufacturing / Scientific Environment

Productivity, cleanliness and health and safety are prime concerns. AFH Tissue products are fundamental in many operations, from Production Equipment Cleaning & Maintenance to Employee Safety & Protection and Site Cleanliness & Housekeeping. Cleanroom Wipers and Laboratory Wipers are also used in the Laboratories.


The school is a large workplace where students and personnel are constantly exposed to bacteria and viruses.  Schools play an important part in efforts to disseminate knowledge regarding hygiene and how best to protect against diseases.


If the use of really hygienic products is important everywhere, it is paramount in Hospitals and any Healthcare Institution, where obviously the potential risk of cross-contamination is higher.
In effect some regulations actually prescribes the use of Tissue, for example for drying hands, in these Institutions.