Hygiene in HORECA establishments has always been important for the well being of operators and guests.
However in the last moths it has become an absolute priority for the Hospitality Sector. 
After the deep studies conducted in the last 15 years with the most prestigious European Universities and surveys to measure Customers preferences, the European Tissue Symposium will share these findings and advices at the Hospitality Day in Rimini.


ETS Honorary Chairman, Roberto Berardi will present “Advices for Hygiene in Horeca which will allow to obtain a Five Stars feedback by Customers.”

Customer trust and goodwill that can take so long to build, can be destroyed in an instant due to poor hygiene. Customer complaints and bad reviews can have a devastating impact on your business and reputation. Worse still, serious food contamination and illness issues can result in closure of your business.
From kitchens and food preparation areas through to eating areas and washrooms – hygiene is non-negotiable. The health and safety of customers and staff is paramount and by making hygiene a top priority, catering managers and owners can drive customer confidence and loyalty and ultimately business success.


Hand hygiene is vital in the catering industry. Some 80% of illnesses are transmitted on our hands and business’s need systems and procedures to minimise the spread of microbes that can lead to food poisoning and sickness.

Single-use towels are hands-down the most hygienic way to dry hands. Multiple research studies over the past ten years demonstrate that single use towels spread fewer bacteria than other hand drying methods – and significantly less than jet air driers which can contaminate the air, the machine itself and washroom surfaces with microorganisms including MRSA, enterobacteria and enterococci. 
The presentation will focus of those aspects which are most relevant for the HOSPITALY BUSINESS, including hygiene studies, sustainability, customers satisfaction.

Looking forward to meet you at the Hospitality Day, 13 October 2020, Palacongressi Rimini, at 11,30, “Sala dell’Orologio” on the first floor.

The presentation will be in Italian and it will also be digitally distributed to the participants in a USB pendrive with additional material at the end of the session.

For the moment, have a look to the HORECA dedicated page in the ETS website, by clicking here


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