Cartoon Contests

The idea of a cartoon / illustration contest has been proposed by the assistant of the Chairman, Letizia Rostagno.

She has graduated in Communication and Art Education in the Academy of fine Arts of Bologna and has also been exposed to the issues ETS faces making Customers and Public Opinion aware of the superior hygiene of Paper Towels.

The proposal has been supported by the AFH Task Force and has been accepted by the Bologna Academy.

ETS has made available a scholarship worth € 1.000 to the winner, plus another one also worth € 1.000 to be split among other participants which have delivered most effectively the desired hygiene message.

The objective of Cartoons and Illustrations is to synthetically portray the superior hygienic performances of Paper Products in comparison to Warm Air Dryers (WAD) and Jet Air Dryers ( JAD)

In order to promote an increased awareness of the importance of hygiene when it comes to hand drying, the ETS has run an international competition for 4 years. This competition encouraged art students to create a cartoon or visual illustration that would convey and reinforce the ETS message, regardless of wording or language. The visuals were integrated in institutional campaigns of ETS.

The results of this Cartoon Contest, which was originally only for the students of the Fine Arts Academy in Bologna and then opened up to a worldwide cartoonist participation, are illustrated in the following pages.  
An introduction is provided in these pages by the driving force behind this contest, Letizia Restagno:

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