The jury session of the 2nd Edition of the ETS “WASH & DRY — paper means hygiene” Contest was held on Monday May 14th, 2012, at 11:00  with following conclusion:

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1st Prize Stefania Potito Tree, Paper and Life 1st Prize Gianlorenzo Ingrami ( Cecigian ) Fearless Hygiene ITALY
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1st Prize Luca Giovannardi Matteo Martin Paper Is Better 2nd Prize ex aequo Renato Buono Gabriele Marchina Giulio Pattaro A Dirty Story 2nd Prize ex aequo Silvia Simoni Silvia Costi Luca Fiandri Luca Scaccianoce Riccardo Masi Paper Power

In what has been universally defined a world of images, it is only natural that verbal language comes off worse. Sometimes, however, it is the narration by images that can be in trouble, especially if you handle with the development of a concept rather than with a story. As a characteristic of the contemporary visual, we are from some time witnesses of the exponential growth of the mixture between artistic and medial genres. The image, which was once easily ascribed to specific languages, is now declined on heterogeneous codes, mixed together in function of the force you want to impart to the message, and depending on the final impact required in the underlaying statement . It is no coincidence that “Mixed media” has become a very common technical definition in many works’ captions.

The idea that paper is the best and most hygienic way to dry the hands in comparison to air dryers is the basis of the works on exhibition and the main subject of this collection. Different languages are involved: illustration, comics, video – but, as just mentioned, it is unwise to refer each production to a single language while everything is artistically mixed to become powerful and persuasive mediator of the concept. “WASH & DRY – paper means-hygiene “shows the common tendency to entrust the message a central role and to build a visual discourse on it (narrative or iconic) in accordance with the personal style and the idea of the author. Summary, narrative, irony, juxtaposition, allusion … many categories are at stake just as many are the personalities and the cultures this year, thanks to the establishment of the International section. In an time dominated by communication, the only possible “esperanto” lays on the image, the one to meet the need of speed and transversality imposed by progress. While we still experience linguistic differences, despite the efforts of unification made whether by language or studies, it is not improved a study of images as a language, images which are equally accessible by all the people and thus a perfect medium to promote a better understanding. And it is therefore the meaning of all these styles, expressions, trends – different and yet converging – that assumes importance: is not that long ago that the concept of disinfection and asepsis became essential in the medical field (Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis in 1847 was the first to grasp the importance of washing hands before visiting pregnant women) – and thus still a long road remains to be trodden. ETS is, through this competition and the contribution of the participating artists, making a small but worthwhile step forward. Letizia Rostagno *thank you to Diana Heelis

ON EXHIBITION 14-26 May 2012 at Fine Arts Academy in Bologna 30 May – 2 June at METSO Headquarters in Karlstad

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