WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION with a simple poster demonstrates the right steps for proper hand washing and suggests the best way to obtain safer hand-drying

Hand Washing Poster – How to wash your Hands

WHO Hand Washing Poster

WHO Hand Washing Poster

WHO Hand Washing Poster

The World Health Organization (WHO – CH-1211 Geneva-27 – Switzerland)  provides Health Care facility recommendations for Hands Hygiene.
The visual instructions above are provided by the World Health Organization.

A key point in these recommendations is:

“DRY HANDS THOROUGHLY WITH A SINGLE USE TOWEL; use towel to turn off faucet.”

To read the World Health Organization document click here: Health Care facility recommendations for Hands Hygiene

Indications for hand hygiene

A. Wash hands with soap and water when visibly dirty or visibly soiled with blood or other body fluids or after using the toilet

B. If exposure to potential spore-forming pathogens is strongly suspected or proven, including outbreaks of Clostridium difficile, hand washing with soap and water is the preferred means

C. Use an alcohol-based handrub as the preferred means for routine hand antisepsis in all other clinical situations, if hands are not visibly soiled. If alcohol-based handrub is not obtainable, wash hands with soap and water.

When washing hands with soap and water, wet hands with water and apply the amount of product necessary to cover all surfaces. Rinse hands with water and dry thoroughly with a single-use towel. Use clean, running water whenever possible. Avoid using hot water, as repeated exposure to hot water may increase the risk of dermatitis.

Use towel to turn off tap/faucet. Dry hands thoroughly using a method that does not recontaminate hands. Make sure towels are not used multiple times or by multiple people.

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