At  PULIRE 2.2 VERONA 2017 ETS Chairman Roberto Berardi has presented: 
The advantages of Paper: scientific analysis and market researches – Users preference and scientific studies results converge: single use towels are the best choice

European Tissue Symposium (ETS) has participated at Tissue World Milan 2017. 

The session has drawn on a wide body of scientific research by leading microbiologists that demonstrates how electric dryers can spread bacteria and viruses in the washroom. The studies conclude that single-use towels offer the most hygienic solution for hand drying following hand washing in the washrooms. The presentation has also featured the results of an observational study about user preferences in public washrooms.

I am delighted to be presenting the very latest science and research at this prestigious event,” commented Roberto Berardi.  “Cleaning and optimal hygiene go hand in hand and I look forward to demonstrating the advantages of paper in the washroom environment.”


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