Facts and figures: the European tissue market is approximately turning over 10 bn Euros annually and is growing at a rate of around 2%.
The European market represents around 25% of the global market (19,7% Western Europe, 5,4% Eastern Europe)

Of the total paper and board market tissue accounts for about 8%

75% of the value are sold via the retail trade and the rest is sold to the AFH (Away From Home) or “business to business” market.

This market is composed of establishments and businesses used when away from home such as hotels and restaurants, hospitals, offices, industry and more.

The use of tissue in Europe is low in comparison with for instance North America where people are consuming around three times as much. However the consumption is increasing in Europe.

Following are the links to some key data about tissue consumptions in Europe:

Read more about Tissue Market data on: RISI World Tissue Business Monitor, which regularly updates Tissue Market data for all the Regions of the World.

CEPI, the Confederation of European Paper Industries, analyzes and publish statistics on different paper sectors, including tissue

Link to CEPI Statistics

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