It was around 200 A.C. that the Chinese started using paper handkerchiefs. It would take until the early 20th century for the west to follow suit and introduce cellucotton, a substance conceived to replace cotton, mainly for medicinal reasons, in the wake of World War 1. Ever since, innovation and product technology have continued to contribute to higher quality and absorbance capacities. How would we feel today without toilet paper? Without paper handkerchiefs when we have a nasty cold? Or without paper towels when we have a small spill in the household?

Tissue paper has a very wide range of uses. In all of them tissue offers convenience, effectiveness, value for money and – most importantly – hygiene and cleanliness. Hygiene and cleanliness are vital in modern society: they help promote and maintain high standards of human health and they prevent individual and public health risks. At home we daily use:

· Toilet paper

· Handkerchiefs & facials

· Paper towels