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Mission of ETS

  • ETS represents the vast majority of Tissue Paper Manufacturers in Europe;


  • ETS is an independent Trade Association (non-profit) defending the tissue industry’s interests;


  • ETS is a very lean organization with very limited central resources, but able to address fundamental and complex issues, thanks to the support resources from its member companies;


  • ETS monitors all topics, events and developments of importance to the tissue business so as to inform its members;


  • ETS is a forum for discussion and information on topics like environment, product safety, trade regulations, technical and market issues and statistics and collects relevant


  • ETS supports reputable third party studies and investigations aimed at the best understanding of Tissue’s hygiene performance, environmental impact, user preferences, etc.


  • Ancillary to these activities, ETS also represents the industry towards other Trade Organizations and to the European and International institutions.

To understand the mission of ETS, it is appropriate to examine the position papers prpared by the Members of ETS on various issues, from Environmental aspects, to Food Contact studies, to the Comparison between paper towels and electric air dryers from the hygiene point of view.  
All these Position Papers are shown in the following page: Position Papers

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