Mission of the Tissue Industry

  • Benefit the people by offering optimal hygiene solutions and convenience.

  • Act in the best sustainable way.

ETS is:

  • an independent Trade Association

  • representing the tissue paper industry in Europe (majority of manufacturers)

  • a non-profit organisation.

The role of ETS:

  • Support and enhance the image and the mission of the European tissue industry, defend its interests and strengthen its competitiveness on the global market.

  • Represent and position the tissue industry towards EU policy makers and other stakeholders.


To understand the mission of ETS, it is appropriate to examine the position papers prepared by the Members of ETS on various issues, from Environmental aspects, to Food Contact studies, to the Comparison between paper towels and electric air dryers from the hygiene point of view.  
All these Position Papers are shown in the following page: Position Papers

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