The European Tissue Symposium (ETS) is a Brussels based trade association of the European tissue paper industry.  Its members represent the majority of the tissue production throughout the EU.

The objectives of ETS are:

    • To monitor topics, events and developments which are of importance to the European tissue paper industry.


    • To inform and advise the members of these events and developments.


    • To research and develop issues and policies which have an impact on the tissue industry and to develop a greater understanding of the sector and its products. This includes the collection of technical and scientific information and the ordering of studies.


    • Ancillary to these main activities, to liaison with other non-governmental associations, including industry trade associations, as well as with European and international institutions and authorities.


ETS operates through its advisory board, members plenary, various technical  taskforces and links with national associations.

Out of the world’s estimated production of 35 million tons of tissue, Europe (Western Europe + Eastern Europe) produces approximately 8,4  million tons. The principal grades produced by ETS members are toilet tissue, household towels, facial tissue, hankies and industrial towels and wipes. 

The tissue industry is a “Fast Moving Consumer Goods” industry. Tissue products have very specific characteristics, all of which contribute to enhancing the users’ hygiene and comfort.  In order to meet customer expectations and to remain a successful industry, the tissue industry also needs continuous innovation and development. The role of ETS in this respect is to serve the industry by assisting in the management of many non-competitive issues, such as regulatory changes, and by maintaining relationships with external stakeholders such as authorities and consumer groups. 

ETS is currently working with its members on a number of sustainability initiatives and these efforts will undoubtedly be continued in the future.