The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), a initiative, publishes  in the page “Health Hygiene in Healthcare Settings” a complete set of instructions to obtain the best Hands Hygiene.

The WHO Poster “How to Handwash” is quoted.

Single use Towels are recommended.

An interesting video is also presented, illustrating the importance of careful Hands washing and Drying,
to reduce transmission of pathogenic microorganisms.

Please watch the video below:


How to wash your Hands CDC

How to wash your Hands

Hand Hygiene is the #1way to prevent the spread of infections

Why? You can take action by practicing hand hygiene regularly and by asking those around you to practice it as well.

When? You and your loved ones should clean your hands very often, especially after touching objects or surfaces in the hospital room, before eating, and after using the restroom.Your healthcare provider should practice hand hygiene every time they enter your room.

How? It only takes 15 seconds of using either soap and water or an alcohol­based hand rub to kill the germs that cause infections.

Which? Use soap and water when your hands look dirty; otherwise, you can use an alcohol ­based hand rub.


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