Based on suggestions by the Scientific Expert Panel, ETS sponsored the HIS 2014 Congress in Lyon: this included the opportunity to present the latest studies of Professor Mark Wilcox (peer reviewed and published in 2014)  and Keith Redway (peer review ongoing at the time, now published in 2015) to around 600 delegates.

ETS prepared and distributed a folder to the delegates, incl.:


  •  A reprint of the Journal of  Hospital Infection paper
  • The Press release with information about the studies and their presentation at the HIS Congress
  • An invitation to attend to the ETS symposium
  • The Infographic illustrating the published study
  • The three posters submitted by ETS/KC, Keith Redway and S. Brusaferro

One of “our” posters was honoured with a “Rosette” and selected for presentation


HIS Congress Lyon 2014

We have distributed delegate by delegate about 200 folders20 Delegates attended the ETS Symposium,
not many, but all showed great interest and involvement. 

Of course, even more important is the online availability of the presentations and the great Media Coverage achieved. 
See the page: Tissue in the media 2014