Candid Camera investigations has found some hand dryers are harboring a dirty little secret.

“They stated those gadgets are supposed to be eco-friendly, it turns out they may expose you to potentially dangerous bacteria.”

Investigative reported Wendy Saltzman found germs and unsanitary conditions in some Dyson Airjet Dryers (those are the dryers you stick you hands inside). Her team swabbed more than a dozen air dryers and found some bacteria that could lead to serious infections.

Working with the lab of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Action News collected dirt and  grime around and under the vents of more than a dozen Dyson Airblade Dryers.

No dryers were off-limits: the team swabbed inside bathrooms in restaurants, a grocery store and they also visited a popular tourist attraction, plus two Casinos and warehose clubs, searching for germs. 

Doctor Amity Roberts analyzed the samples for bacteria, including Klebsiella Oxytoca, that can cause fever, nausea and vomiting and Enterobacter Cloacae, which could be at the origin of serious respiratory infections.

“Those are organism which were found and you can become very sick” and “I would not want to place my hands or my child hand in one of these particular dryers” said doctor Amity Roberts.

It was inside this mensroom at the Costco  that one of dirtiest hand Dryer was found  (heavy growth of Klebsiella Oxytoca)

Inside the ladies room at the Indepence Vistors Center in old city a dryer turned out an explosion of germs: “very heavy growth of Klebsiella Oxytoca and also high growth of Enterobacter cloacae”.

Perhaps the most surprising result went from a dryer in Breadburger in Center City: it was found the light growth of Staffilococcus Aureus, a pathogen that could twist serious stomach infections and skin infections (if you have a wound which get exposed to it).

On the other dryers they tested the bacteria were not harmful or not enough to make people sick.  …. cont.

Watch the complete broadcast here: Wendy Saltzman on ABC 6

These results are consistent with what was found by the NDR  TV broadcast (in German – see the video here)  and the outcome of the Eurofins_Inlab study (see all the details in this page: Eurofins-Inlab-Study.)



See also the study run by Eurofins-Inlab in Germany: 150 public washroom where exhaminated reaching the same conclusion: washrooms where Paper Towels are used have much less bacteria on the surfaces than those where Jet Air Dryers are used. See the Eurofins Study.