Honored by The Paper Discovery Center
at its 2019 Honors on the River event in October

19 September 2019 European Tissue Symposium (ETS) honorary chairman Roberto Berardi is to be inducted into the Paper Industry International Hall of Fame at this year’s Honors on the River event in Appleton, Wisconsin, USA, on 3 October.

The prestigious Paper Industry International Hall of Fame honors individuals who, to the Center judges, have made an outstanding contribution to the sector. Of the 14 applications made in 2019, just three were accepted.

Roberto Berardi was selected for his leadership, and for his marketing, sales, and academic accomplishments in the paper industry. He has spent over 40 years in the sector – over 30 years working in industry in roles from logistics and commercial through to marketing and managing director, and over a decade with ETS as vice-chair, chairman, and now honorary chairman. For 9 years, he has also been Affiliate Professor, teaching marketing principles and branding at the renowned ESCP Europe Business School and at SAA Management School.

Berardi played a pivotal role at ETS in supporting and promoting paper tissue categories. Under his leadership, ETS undertook scientific studies exploring the benefits of paper versus alternatives. Studies comparing paper towels with air dryers in commercial settings served to demonstrate the hygienic benefits of single-use paper towels. He promoted the sustainable production and consumption of paper products and oversaw the issuance of industry guidelines on recycling and improving the sustainability of the industry. He worked with ETS to ensure that government regulation and policy was based on scientific facts. He also promoted a position paper approach within the industry in relation to environmental actions and impacts.

From concept to completion, Roberto also shaped the ETS website’s comprehensive content in six languages, thus increasing access from 4000 to 400.000 visitors per year.
In his career in industry, Berardi is credited with creating and growing the paper towel category in Italy and further promoting hygiene in household kitchens.

Roberto Berardi will receive his honor alongside Dr Gordon A Nicholls, Research Scientist & Consultant, Auckland, New Zealand, who was selected for his academic and research and development accomplishments, and Donald D Dick, retired from Dick Engineering Inc, Toronto, Canada, selected for his service in the paper field.

The Paper Discovery Center and Paper International Hall of Fame look to inspire all generations by building programming and events around the four mission elements of Motivating Learning, Experiencing Technology, Celebrating Innovators, and Promoting Cultural Heritage.

Roberto Berardi

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