ETS believes it is important to keep the trade press and general public informed on further advances in the field of proper hand hygiene.
We therefore regularly inform the press on the latest news.

Here is an overview of all Press Releases published by the European Tissue Symposium throughout years. For tailored information or specific questions, please reach out to our PR agency duomedia ( or Maya Staels via 0032 487 98 21 61).
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April 2015 – Keep the bugs at bay by drying hands with single use towels
(Keith Redway peer reviewed study – Westminster University)

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November 2013:  Consensus of a Panel of Experts finds towels the most hygienic way to dry hands

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October 2013 – ETS partners with Duomedia


February 2009 – New evidence suggests electric hand dryers in public toilets pose health risk


Februry 2009 – Are Air Dryers Hygienic?


December 2008 – With hygiene top of mind, according to Intermetra study,  Europeans prefer to dry their hands with paper towels!

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March 2007 – Paper Towels and Napkins: fastest growing tissue category in Europe


December 2006 – Tapping into the growth potential of Facial Tissues


June 2006 – Toilet Paper – A commodity to be flushed?